Lowo Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate 'How To' for Buying Golf Accessories for Your Loved Ones

Last updated: November 18, 2021

👉🏻 How to buy a Golf Glove 👈🏿

1. Figure out which way your loved one swings the club.

If they hit the ball right handed, they will need a glove for their left hand and vice versa. Simple as that. While some people choose to wear gloves on both hands, this is rather uncommon so you should be safe to go with just one glove.

2. Which size should I buy?

"My loved one has one old golf glove that is a medium and one that is a medium/large, how do your sizes compare and which size should I go with?" Lowo Golf gloves are designed to be a similar length to all major brands and fit about 1/4 of a size wider. We designed our gloves this way to fit a more diverse set of hands. When in doubt, lean towards the smaller of the two sizes as Cabretta leather is known to loosen slightly over time.
    If you have a stealthy way of measuring your loved ones hand, you can always refer to our size chart which has our glove lengths in each size, and an image on how to properly measure your length.

    3. What sets Lowo a part from the rest?

    The unbelievable, stupendous, unique and awesome designs speak for themselves of course, but what also makes Lowo glove special is the reinforced patch on the palm which adds a second layer of protection in a common problem area and also the spandex webbing in between the fingers which adds some much needed breathability on those hot days.

    🛍️ Golf Ball Markers: the perfect gift! 🎁

    Not everyone needs or even wears a glove when they golf. Some people like to do it the old fashioned way and have the calluses to prove it. That doesn't mean you can't still get them a memorable and one-of-a-kind golf accessory. Look no farther than the Lowo Ball Marker Collection (Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh *insert applause*). With such a selection of designs, materials, and sizes, where to begin? Once again, we've got you covered.

    1. What are golf ball markers?

    Ball markers are used to mark your ball on the green (the real short grass you putt on) so that you may pick the ball up without incurring a penalty. This allows you to remove the obstacle (ball) from a fellow golfers path, pick up the ball to clean it (we do not recommend putting with mud on your ball) and are sometimes used to line up your next shot. Ball markers are a real must have if you ask us.

    2. I'm shopping for a female. Anything to consider?

    For golfers who prefer ladies clothing, we highly recommend one of our magnetic iron options. The reason for this is that many golf outfits for ladies do not feature pockets so to ensure they do not lose their marker, they will typically attach it to a magnetic clip on one of their articles of clothing.

    3. What about guys?

    Men's clothing luckily does not have this same problem as pockets are much more common. For this reason, bronze markers are much more popular with these golfers as it gives the marker a weightier feel and make it easier to find in their pocket.

    Premium alloy would be our recommendation for the golfer who likes a more sleek feeling marker so if your golfer likes things trim with a well constructed feel, these markers are for you. Ball marker materials and specs can be found in each individual products description.

    4. Does size matter?

    We mean when it comes to ball markers, of course. The quick answer to this question is no, as long as markers are within a reasonable range the size does not matter, However, many golfers still have their preferences.

    More serious golfers who are trying to improve every game and beat the course record may prefer a smaller ball marker, as it is less likely to impeded opponents and keeps things all business on the green.

    Your more casual/fun golfer who is there to show off their style, have a good time and mix in a few laughs in between shanks may prefer a larger sized marker as it lets their friends all the way across the green know just how cool and stylish they are, even from far. All golf ball marker sizes can be found in the individual product descriptions.

    ⛳ How to shop for Picky Golfers ⛳

    I was really hoping we wouldn't get to this section, but alas, here we are. You're not sure what size glove your special golfer needs no matter how much you poke and prod, maybe they don't wear gloves at all, and they don't spend long enough on the green to even mark their ball; they've got no use for those items (according to them)! You're starting to think you will never find them the perfect golf gift. Aghhhhh!

    No sweat, literally, no sweat with the Lowo golf microfibre towel. Every golfer, no matter how picky needs a golf towel on their bag, and it might as well be stylish. Lowo's multipurpose towels are perfect for cleaning off your clubs in all conditions, or wiping off that sweat on especially hot days. No fuss, no muss. Can't figure out your golfer's style but still want to make sure they get something unique. Da da da DAAAAA. The Lowo gift card. Perfect for even the most hard to shop for; let your loved one pick out their favourite accessory. Does it get any easier than that? All gift cards are electronically mailed to make things even simpler.

    Well done, you nailed it. Finally, the perfect golf accessory for your loved one. We know it was quite the process for your picky golfer but you crushed it and the look on their face this year is going to be priceless. Good luck topping this gift next holidays, but that's a problem for future you. Now, it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy a nice holiday beverage - you've earned it!

    Happy holidays!!

    -Your Lowo team